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The Good Life is proud to present THE GOODFELLAS to the GOOD LIFE (haha) for the first time! These veteran party-rockers are a gauranteed smash. Come out this Sunday and the rest of the month because it’s almost hibernation season again! You’ll miss us! haha!


Los Hermanos Libres!

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The boys are back! Zak Santiago and Flip Out (fresh off his European tour) are back to tear up The Good Life patio once again. This time, Dim Sum Lum & Richie McFly won`t be in Los Angeles haha Also, the lovely DJ Coki will be throwing down a set nice and early to warm up the crowd 😉 Not to mention, our favorite bartender DAWN returns to the Good Life! Thanks to Heather for holding it down.

Thanks to everyone who came out last Sunday for long weekend. It was mad hectic but we did our best and there were many thank-you`s by Monday.

Come out this Sunday and party with us!

This Sunday August 2nd

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YEEUP! It’s long weekend once again. This time we got back to back features. Our boy Fisher-Pryce from the T Dot is gonna throw a set for the first time at The Good Life! This dude is good peoples right here. Secondly, our homegirl Raven is celebrating her birthday. Raven’s a cutie and she’s bringin’ her fam from around Canada and the U.S. so come down and meet somebody new!

If you know The Good Life then YOU KNOW how crazy long weekends get. Get on the guestlist ( and arrive as early as possible. Let’s get right this long weekend at the hottest Sunday Night in Vancouver. PERIOD.


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Jaykin x The Good Life

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Local spitter Jaykin is holding his “On the Humble” CD Release party at the GOOD LIFE June 28th! Jaykin’s abilities are amazing and he holds Vancity down 100%! See you there!

Chillin’, Illin’ & Grillin’ !

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IT WENT DOWN! Shout out to the Faction Soundcrew, Moustache Men DJ’s (Montreal), & HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jonathan GP. Give yourself a round of applause Vancouver the turn out was amazing considering this whole event was very last minute.

Check out the Chillin’ Illin’ & Grillin’ mixtape for FREE here.

“SUPERIORITY COMPLEX” Mixtape Release Party!

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The homie EDGE1 is celebrating the release of his newest mixtape “SUPERIORITY COMPLEX”. I’ve listened to it and not only are the beats dope but the lyrical quality is top notch.

Click to give it a listen!!